Below are some frequently asked questions. 

Q: Where is pix|elation photography based?

I am based in the Philadelphia area, and cover the southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Delaware Valley areas.

Q: Do you travel out of state to do photography?

A: Yes! I am also available to do shoots in states other than PA, NJ, and DE, but a travel fee may apply. Please contact me for details.

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: I really like black and white photography, higher contrast, and more intense colors (when I do color). That’s not to say that I can’t and won’t do something more muted, but I definitely tend to gravitate towards intensity. I think my portfolio gives a good idea of how I typically shoot and edit my photos. One of my wedding clients told me that she thought my photos were “beautiful, colorful, timeless, and emotional, but they don’t try too hard or follow dumb trends.”

Q: What kinds of photography do you do?

A: I mostly do portrait and event photography. However, I also love cosplay photography, and I enjoy getting to shoot costumed portraits whenever possible. Although I have done wedding photography in the past, I no longer serve as a primary photographer. I do, however, act as a second shooter for photographer Joey DeMarco. Please contact me for details.

Q: Do you have studio space and/or backdrops?

A: No. I am happy to come to you and take photos in and around where you live, or at a suitable public location.

Q: What about props? Do you provide those?

A: My personal belief is that it is better for you to provide your own ‘props’ for sessions. Using your own items makes the session more personal, and less ‘commercial studio’ in feeling. Please feel free to bring along personal items/props for your sessions!

Q: You mention minor retouching as part of your photo packages. What does that mean?

A: In my opinion, minor retouching typically involves slight adjustments and corrections in order to improve the photo (i.e., the removal of a small facial blemish). What I am not talking about is editing out wrinkles or significantly altering the way someone looks.

Q: What service do you use for print purchasing?

A: I use SmugMug.com’s service for prints, and other photo merchandise purchases. Their system makes it easier for clients to not only get prints, but get them framed, put them on a coffee mug for grandma, or even make stickers out them for save-the-dates or something!