Kelly Rowles

My name is Kelly Rowles, and back when I was in middle school, I had an opportunity to take an elective photography class with a small group of my fellow students. My school had a dark room, and we learned how to develop black and white film. We even learned to play around with double exposures and splicing negatives together. All these years later, I’m still taking pictures, albeit saving them digitally instead of spending hours in a dark room.

“pix|elation photography” is born out of love of getting that perfect picture, of capturing a happy moment, a painstakingly crafted costume, or a fabulous event. Whether I’m off shooting pictures of a fashion show, a sci-fi convention costume contest, or just a couple that’s head-over-heels, I’m doing it because I truly enjoy taking pictures.

As you browse through my portfolio (available by clicking “Portfolio” on the left), you’ll no doubt see how eclectic it is. There are photos of people in steampunk costumes mixed in with shots of Philadelphia’s beautiful skyline. No matter what your photography needs are, I’m ready to take them on.

pix|elation photography is based in the Philadelphia area, also serving New Jersey, and the Delaware Valley. You can find pix|elation photography on Facebook and Twitter.

– Kelly Rowles, pix|elation photography