Portrait Project – Week 10: Stephanie

Posted by: Kelly Phillips    Tags:  , , ,     Posted date:  March 13, 2012
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I have had a hard time narrowing down photos for this Portrait Project before, but not like this. I was  agonizing over this week’s pick. I was totally spoiled for choice, courtesy of some stellar professional models and kick ass hair accessories.

This past weekend I attended Dorian’s Parlor, which if you’ve followed my work, you know it is this crazy Victorian/steampunk event held every month in Philly. It usually features a fashion show, which I really love shooting. Only this time, I not only got to shoot the show, but I was invited backstage to photograph some of the models individually.

Special thanks to HeadKandi (the company behind the hair accessories), CircuitSix (the production company that invites me to Dorian’s every month), Evelyn (Dorian’s organizer extraordinaire), and of course Stephanie, the beautiful model who made this photo so easy to take. I promise to post more photos from this event soon, because I really had a ton of shots to choose from (including some killer shots of HeadKandi’s owner, YuffieBunny).

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